Couple sleeping using The Silent treatment stop snoring tongue device

It is comfortable, affordable, and it works. In a world awash with snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea solutions, The Silent Treatment is the only one that ticks all the boxes.

The Silent Treatment anti-snoring device in blue plastic carry case

What causes snoring:

When a human is awake the tongue is instinctively bent forward and flattened out. During sleep the tongue relaxes and reverts to its natural "humped" shape, meaning that the top surface of the tongue moves up towards the roof of the mouth and the back of the tongue moves back towards the back of the throat. If this backward movement is unchecked, the tongue will contact or nearly contact the soft palate to partially or completely block the airway. With partial blocking, as air is forced past the blockage the soft palate vibrates producing the familiar snoring noise.
If the airway is blocked completely the sufferer stops breathing altogether until  the  need  for air actually wakes him or her from sleep. This is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a condition so serious it is known to affect the sufferer's general health to the point of significantly shortening his or her lifespan. The good folk at the highly respected  Mayo  Clinic in Minnesota believe (and are in the process of proving) that otherwise healthy people who die in their sleep do so as a direct result of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

How it works
The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Device works in a different way from all the other snoring solutions on the market. This product tucks in behind your canine teeth and it has hundreds of tiny spurs on its underside which are shaped, sized and spaced to precisely mesh with the hundreds of tiny rounded lumps (called papillae) that cover the upper surface of the human tongue. This meshing takes place with no discomfort or harm and yet the tongue is positively held in position and prevented from drifting back and blocking the airway. While you sleep your tongue, in its relaxed state, will naturally apply gentle pressure to the underside of The Silent Treatment which will maintain this engagement throughout the night. In the morning when you wake you will disengage by simply moving your tongue away from the spurred surface.  At the same time that your tongue is being controlled by meshing with the spurred underside, a separate part of the product holds the lower jaw in its correct, natural position relative to the upper jaw, thus preventing it from moving back. Because the tongue is attached to the lower  jaw, this also helps to prevent the snoring starting, as the two separate actions work together without either of them needing to be so forceful as to cause discomfort or harm. Additionally, the upward movement of the relaxing tongue, combined with the precise meshing of the spurred underside of the product with the top surface of the tongue means that, even if the lower jaw drops away, or the nose blocks up causing the mouth to open, the engagement of the device with the upper teeth is maintained so The Silent Treatment Stop Snoring Tongue Device will continue to work.

Furthermore, after a while the phenomenon known as "Muscle Memory" will kick in, meaning that your tongue will 'remember' the forward, flattened position it has been staying in during sleep. This means you will be able to go for several nights if not a week or two without needing to use your Silent Treatment. From there it only takes a few hours of use once a week or so to keep the memory active.

The Silent Treatment achieves everything an MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) does, and everything a TSD (Tongue Stabilization Device) does, but it achieves it in a gentler, more efficient, less harmful way. So this is the new technology which is going to replace MADs and TSDs. There is no other product like The Silent Treatment and it is only available from this website.


The Benefit
You and your partner both get a great night's sleep and everyone is happy. Even  if you sleep alone, you are getting a much better night's sleep and your general health will improve accordingly. Please see the Q & A page for more facts about the health benefits of stopping snoring.

How "The Silent Treatment" Stop Snoring Tongue Device works
How "The Silent Treatment" works
"The Silent Treatment" stop snoring tongue device

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